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During our lifetime, our joints and spine are exposed to aging and heavy physical loads. As a result, there is a risk of developing herniated disc, spinal canal stenosis (narrowing), osteoarthritis or spondylarthrosis occurring as acute or chronic diseases. They appear as frequent pain in the back, neck, arm, leg or joint. Sometimes these signs are accompanied by tingling, tension, numbness, weakness and other symptoms. One should remember that the spinal disc and joints disorders influence each other.

Today, orthopedics in Germany has achieved unprecedented heights. German orthopedists who work with the Ortocenter Company are recognized as professional and highly qualified doctors capable of doing absolute miracles. Here we can handle any orthopedic problem – meniscus, arthritis, bioprosthetic joint replacement, cartilage grafting - within a relatively short time. Serious spine diseases at the present time are the most frequent pathologies that can be handled only by experienced specialists.

Orthopedics in Germany has taken a major step forward recently. With the latest methods of diagnosis, spine therapy is performed promptly and efficiently. Much of positive outcomes have been already achieved.
Implementation of endoscopic technology and computer tomography and MRT into the process of diagnosing of arthropathy has made it possible to make progress in therapy of ligaments, tendons, and joint lesions. Arthropathy treatment in Germany using arthroscopy makes it possible to achieve rapid effect in treating severe and seemingly incurable diseases. This has been proven true for many patients who chose the Ortocenter Company's services.

The Ortocenter Company also deals with sports medicine which is maintained at the highest level in Germany. In our center, we help athletes cure their injuries and recover their physical excellence. The German Ortocenter Company specializes in providing all services to patients in orthopedics. The services, which include the organization of treatment delivered by the best specialists in Germany, care in the clinic and language support, as well as an individual approach to each patient, guarantee you the best therapy outcome!


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