Spondylarthrosis Treatment

Spondylarthrosis is a disease of the intervertebral (facet) joints, also referred to as facet syndrome. Degenerative changes in the intervertebral disc lead to its gradual loss of thickness, thus increasing the load on the intervertebral joints. This leads to the aging and destruction of the articular cartilage.

Most often, spondylarthrosis of the lumbar spine is reported clinically. This form of spondylarthrosis is characterized by the aching pain in the lumbar area. The pain usually occurs after a prolonged stay in the inactive position (lying down or sitting) as well as during the change of rest to motion. The pain is accompanied by a feeling of stiffness in the lumbar spine and stops after a short workout.

At the Ortoсenter Company, which specializes in the treatment of back pain, spondylarthrosis treatment is carried out using unique cutting-edge techniques. One of the most effective spondylarthrosis therapies used in our company is thermocoagulation. It is based on the punctuate cutting-off of nerve endings responsible for pain. It uses a computerized thermal probe. Spine thermocoagulation is performed using local anesthesia of the affected area.

Spondylarthrosis therapy using the method of thermocoagulation helps to stop pain impulses in the sensory nerve fibers. Thermocoagulation procedure is completely painless for the patient. Spondylarthrosis therapy at the Ortoсenter with the use of thermocoagulation is an effective treatment, even when surgery is not indicated.

Spondylarthrosis therapy at the German Ortoс enter has a number of advantages:

  • Neurosurgeons in our clinic are recognized in the medical world as high-class specialists for the treatment of spinal disorders.
  • All doctors of the Ortoсenter have high professional standards and use their own unique methods of therapy.
  • The medical personnel provides twenty-four-hour monitoring and care for patients.
  • If necessary, the Ortoсenter provides an opportunity to convene the council of the best medical specialists in a particular field.
  • Prices for the treatment at the Ortoсenter are comparable to spondylarthrosis treatment expenses in clinics of Russia and CIS.

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