Treatment of Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a lateral deviation of the spine of greater than 10 degrees. There are two types of scoliosis: C-shaped (simple scoliosis), when the spine has one curve, and S-shaped (complex scoliosis), when the spine has two or more divergent curves.

Patients with scoliosis often see the doctor only after they notice the changes in their appearance. The most common symptoms are:

  • Variable height of shoulders or hips
  • Shoulder blades are at different heights, or one is higher than the other
  • The presence of the costal humpback which grows when the patient leans forward

Growing pain is a sign of progressing scoliosis. Increasing deformation puts pressure on the nerve tracts and, in some cases, on the spinal cord. This is manifested by pain, weakness and numbness in the feet. In severe cases, spinal cord compression leads to loss of coordination, gait disturbance and difficulty of movement.

Scoliosis treatment at the Ortoсenter clinics in Germany provides an excellent opportunity for rehabilitation for adults and children alike.

In the early stages of the disorder the conservative therapy is used. This means treatment using manual therapy -- acupuncture, massage, corsets. The primary method of conservative treatment of scoliosis at the Ortoсenter is exercise therapy. Unique exercise programs aim at strengthening the muscles and help to form internal muscular support.

If there is no positive effect following conservative therapy, surgical treatment of scoliosis is applied. All operations are divided into two groups, depending on whether mechanical endocorrectors are used. The basic material used in Germany for the manufacture of endocorrectors is titanium. This substance makes it possible to avoid allergies, as well as the development of complications.

Advantages of scoliosis treatment at the Ortoсenter:

  • Ortoсenter works with leading orthopedists not only in their own towns, but also throughout Germany;
  • This allows us to get the best specialists in their respective fields;
  • The narrow specialization of the doctors working at the Ortoсenter increases practical skills and the use of new methods.
  • The medical personnel bears full responsibility for all their actions and for the result of the treatment, using an individual approach for each patient.
  • Clinics are equipped with modern instruments which guarantee an advanced level of therapy and diagnostics at any stage of the disease.
  • The high level of therapy results has been confirmed by many patients.

Scoliosis treatment at the Ortoсenter guarantees your recovery!

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