Hip Joint Disorders

Osteoarthrosis (coxarthrosis) is the most common of all hip disorders. This is a degenerative dystrophic disease. It causes premature aging of the tissues of the joint. Joint cartilage becomes thin and is destroyed. The patient suffers from pain in the limbs and a significant restriction of mobility.

As a result, in the case of coxarthrosis, the treatment is conducted using a surgical method - replacement arthroplasty. The Ortocenter Company is a world leader for the quality of prosthetics due to their extensive experience of such operations.

Hip osteoarthrosis treatment at the Ortocenter in Germany has several advantages:

  • Accuracy of diagnosis
  • Use of modern technology and advanced materials for prosthesis
  • Modern methods of operative and conservative treatment.

Treatment at the Ortocenter allows using the endoprosthesis, which replaces only the damaged cartilage surface of the joint and it does not affect the bone itself.

At the Ortocenter, treatment of hip dysplasia is also conducted.

Dysplasia is an abnormal development of a femoral head and acetabulum ("cup"). This disease is manifested in instability of the hip joint and impaired functions. The sooner hip dysplasia treatment is started in children, the more effective is the result. That is why all newborns in Germany undergo ultrasound examination of hip joints undergo conservative treatment, if necessary.

Surgical treatment of hip dysplasia is prescribed in the case of an irreducible hip or in the late stages of the disease.

Thus, the treatment and further recovery of hip joints at the Ortocenter have several advantages:

  • The center has narrow specialization and deals only with orthopedics,
  • It works with leading orthopedic surgeons in Germany,
  • There are highly qualified specialists with an extensive work experience,
  • The Ortocenter has a wide range of endoprosthesis models for hip-joint replacement from the best manufacturers,
  • It provides high quality treatment.

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