Treatment of Joint Disorders

Nowadays joint disorders are one of the most common causes of visits to medical centers. After all, they cause significant discomfort to the patient because, in addition to the constant pain and discomfort in the joint, he/she also suffers from stiffness. Treatment of joint disorders is a complex and time-consuming process, so it's important to put yourself into the hands of professionals.

Orthopedics of the German Ortoсenter have learned to help these patients. In addition to conservative treatment, they do surgeries as well. For example, arthroscopy and arthrotomy are the main treatments for joint disorders.

The modern orthopedics in German clinics that work with the Ortoсenter perform a wide range of various procedures aimed at the treatment of both acquired and congenital deformities and functional impairment. The final objective of therapy at the Ortoсenter is to restore joint mobility lost through damage or disease.

It is known that diseases of the knee joint can occur in a quite severe form, leading to pathological changes in bones and articular cartilage destruction. We successfully use the latest method of knee arthrosis surgical treatment, developed by our experts, making it possible for the patient to maintain mobility for many years.

As for athletes, they often suffer from ligament damages, especially from knee-joint trauma. Treatment of knee ligaments has been successfully performed by the medical staff of our center for many years.

Coxarthrosis is also the frequent disorder of the joints. If conservative treatment of hip joint does not give positive results, then an alternative method of treatment – the arthroplasty – is used. At the Ortocenter, we successfully carry out joint replacements when endoprosthesis completely imitates one or the other joint.

Rich experience, advanced equipment and high professionalism of the specialists at the Ortoсenter can guarantee an excellent outcome. The key to our success is that in the joints disorders treatment, only new mini-invasive procedures are used, thus significantly reducing the duration of rehabilitation.

The Ortocenter is a reliable partner in solving your problems.

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