Shoulder Joint Disorders

Shoulder joint arthrosis is a chronic degenerative dystrophic disease that affects the bone and articular cartilage. It manifests itself in defected mobility of patients’ arm and pain in the articular joint.

Shoulder joint periarthrosis is a syndrome marked by pain and impaired ability of movement of the shoulder joint. Periarthrosis is accompanied by limited muscular movement in the arm spread which means inability to put it behind one’s back, and the pain in the shoulder may continue even at rest.

Shoulder joint arthrosis is characterized by gradual destruction of cartilage and inflammation signs in the joint. This disorder causes specified crackling in the damaged joint with mild to moderate pain.

Shoulder joint treatment at the Ortocenter in Germany is carried out at a very advanced level. With new technology implementation and the introduction of arthroscopic methods, "opening" of the damaged joint is no longer required and shoulder joint treatment is much quicker. The surgery is much easier to bear and the duration of recovery is several times shorter.

Treatment at the Ortocenter is performed using the method of mini-invasive surgery. The patient doesn't feel any pain and may maintain an active way of life. Most surgery is carried out on a out-patient basis; in serious cases, in the hospital. In all cases, the length of shoulder joint treatment is a maximum of one week.

Why is the Ortocenter the best place to undergo treatment of shoulder joint disorders, including periarthrosis, for example?

  • The Ortocenter deals only with orthopedic disorders;
  • The Ortocenter works with leading orthopedists not only in their own towns, but also throughout Germany;
  • The medical personnel bears full responsibility for all their actions, and, more importantly, for the result of the treatment.

The Ortocenter is the best center in Germany for treatment of orthopedic disorders. We employ the best professionals in this specific field!

If you have further questions or require a consultation concerning shoulder joint treatment, give us a call or write to the address indicated in the contacts.


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