Spinal Canal Stenosis

Spinal canal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal lumen, which may be accompanied by compression of the spinal canal at the point of narrowing. These changes may be manifested by persistent pain, gait disturbances due to pain when walking and standing, numbness in the hands and feet, weakness in the arm and leg muscles as well as other signs. Symptoms of spinal canal stenosis significantly degrade the quality of life of patients and require highly skilled care.

Treatment of this disease may be surgical and conservative. At the Orthoсenter in Germany we try to conduct conservative methods of spinal canal stenosis treatment. They include the administration of anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling therapy, physiotherapy and blockade. Sometimes conservative treatment cannot improve the patient's condition. In such cases, surgical treatment of spinal stenosis is carried out.

Surgical treatment of spinal canal stenosis at the Ortocenter can be performed in the form of microscopic laminectomy (removal of the vertebral arch) and other minor operations that are particularly effective in the early stages of the disease. The advantages of this method are the small extent of surgery, the fact that it is well tolerated by the patient and that it enables the patient to make a rapid return to everyday life.

Have you decided to have your spinal stenosis treated in Germany? Remember that the Ortocenter is the leading medical institution in the field of orthopedics.

  • Spinal canal treatment is performed by highly skilled surgeons with extensive work experience using their own methods of therapy.
  • The clinic has modern equipment which allows diagnostics and treatment of mild to severe cases.
  • Thorough care and twenty-four-hour monitoring of patients.
  • Spinal canal treatment and its treatment is a widely spread problem that is successfully treated by the specialists of the Ortocenter
  • Bringing in Germany's best specialists for consultations and assistance in the most complicated cases.

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