Spondylolysis is a condition arising from the violation of the integrity of the arc vertebra. Such a violation frequently occurs as a result of congenital abnormalities, i.e., merging of pedicles and non-occurrence of the vertebral body. Another reason for the development of this disease may be the effect of excessive exercise in combination with vertebral malnutrition (or with their congenital changes, known as dysplasia).

Spondylolysis is manifested by pain in the back, often in the lumbar spine. Pain can occur when walking, and is felt in the leg when the altered vertebra starts to compress the adjacent nerve root. An Asymptomatic disease course also occurs.

Spondylolysis treatment at the Ortocenter in Germany is drug-oriented in most cases. The purpose of such therapy is to reduce the pain and normalize walking. Wearing a corset, swimming, exercise therapy and reduction of heavy physical work could be recommended. Surgical treatment is recommended if there is no effect from conservative treatment and if there are nerve root compression symptoms.

Surgical treatment of spondylolysis at the Ortocenter is conducted through microsurgical procedures designed to decompress the squeezed root and to stabilize the spine. Mandatory therapies include adequate physical therapy and drug administration for a period of rehabilitation to strengthen the muscular support.

In the case of marked pain, the patient receives painkillers, often individually. Comfortable treatment is one of the principles of the Ortocenter. "The patient should not suffer, he should not bear the pain" - this is a modern addition to the Hippocratic Oath.

What else is outstanding about the treatment at the Ortocenter?

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