Sports Medicine in Germany

The objectives of sports medicine include not only treatment and prevention of traumas and injuries but also control over the functional status and rehabilitation of athletes, etc.

Knee, shoulder, ankle injuries and sprains occur most often in athletes under an excessive burden in the case of uncharacterized joint motion. In the case of knee ligaments, the patient feels pain, reduced the range of motion and the knee swells rapidly. Ligaments may also be damaged as a result of deforming arthrosis, which is manifested by pain and restricted mobility.

Traumas and inflammatory knee-ligament damage require long-term treatment. The knee-joint ligament rehabilitation program includes not only temporary fixation (the casing of the limb), but then exercise therapy, physical therapy and the use of medicines as well. Surgical treatment is applied in cases of knee-ligament rupture or if pharmacological activities are ineffective.

Frozen shoulder is also quite common, described as inflammation of the tendons of the shoulder and the shoulder-joint capsule. It also causes pain and limitation of motion in the joint. It is often accompanied by a shoulder-joint bursitis. Treatment of impingement syndrome of the shoulder joint includes the administration of anti-inflammatory therapy, exercise therapy and massage. Treatment of shoulder bursitis consists predominantly of physical therapy techniques. A puncture or opening operation to remove accumulated pus may be undertaken during the chronic course of the disease.

Playing sports also frequently leads to ankle injury. An ankle sprain is accompanied by joint pain and swelling of surrounding tissue. Treatment of ankle sprains includes fixing the damaged joint, the use of physiotherapy, exercise therapy and massage.

The treatment of joint injuries in Germany features the widespread use of new technologies to strengthen the damaged ligament, either by transplantation of its own tissues or by using artificial materials, thereby creating an additional induration providing complete stabilization of the joint. The process of surgery is called arthroscopic ligament plastic. It has been adopted by the most modern clinics throughout the world, including those working with Ortoсenter Company.

Treatment at the Ortoсenter is characterized by the latest equipment and responsible medical personnel, leading experts in Germany and modern methods of treatment. We provide twenty-four-hour monitoring and quality patient care as well as individual programs of rehabilitation treatment.

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