Ankle Disorders

Ankle osteoarthrosis (also known as arthrosis, arthrosis deformans) occurs as consequence of the ankle joint trauma. As a result, the surface of the bones becomes rough, with collateral damage and pain occurring in the damaged joint. This disorder is marked by joint swelling, gait disturbance, joint stiffness and dysfunction.

Ankle treatment is conservative during the initial stages of the disease. Therapy can take years, and surgical treatment is used only in the case of significant joint dysfunction.

For the treatment of ankle arthrosis at the Ortocenter (Germany), we administer intra-articular drug injections for cartilage repair in the early stages of the disease. In the late stages, good results may be achieved with the combination of modern diagnostic methods and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

In cases of ankle arthrosis it may be necessary to carry out surgical treatment which is a cartilage reconstruction with cartilage cell grafting, along with altered mucosa removal. Implantation of cell-cultured cartilage is applied to young patients. This therapy is performed only in Germany. The company works with the best Ortocenter clinics specializing in cartilage grafting. During arthroscopy, cartilage cells are taken from the intact part of the joint. After cultured in the laboratory until they grafted into the patient’s tissue.

In cases of ankle deforming arthrosis the ankle prosthesis may be necessary. Treatment at the Ortocenter clinics helps to fully repair the ankle. For this purpose we use only reliable and high-quality grafts made by well-known manufacturers. Individual rehabilitation procedures that have been developed over many years can recover the function of the ankle joint well.

Ortocenter in Germany has long-standing traditions in the field of orthopedics and offers treatment for mild to the most severe joint disorders. You can feel secure when addressing the Ortocenter for the treatment of arthrosis and arthritis, as well as other ankle disorders.

Thus, the ankle treatment with further recovery at the Ortocenter (Germany) has several advantages:

  • the Ortocenter specifies in orthopedics;
  • it works with the leading orthopedic surgeons in Germany;
  • it brings together surgeons, physiotherapists and orthopedic technicians
  • has the most modern and reliable equipment
  • provides high quality treatment
  • uses innovation’ methods.

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